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Snorkelling for everyone

Do not fancy scuba diving but love snorkelling or just chilling on our boat whilst we visit some beautiful islands? Every of our local dive sites we go to are great snorkelling sites and offer some amazing photo opportunities. We provide snorkelling equipment and a guide for your safety and fun.

Your family or friends are loving scuba diving but you’re not and prefer watching wonderful sea life from the surface. Snorkelling is the definitive alternative that would fit you. Easy access to our local sites where you will be able to swim and observe our wonderful shallow and colourful reefs. You will still be with on the same boat and same destination as every other scuba participants.


snorkeling koh lanta daytrip thailand

We’re taking everyone from 7 years old with good swimming skills. We will provide you a full equipment such as Mask, Snorkel, snorkelling special fins and a life jacket (mandatory from Thai law) for your safety.

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*Online Price: Rate available only if activity booked at least a month before the starting date of the reserve activity

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