Kids, do you like splashing around in a pool and want to have underwater adventures like real Scuba divers? The PADI Bubblemaker program is just meant for you then! Blue Planet divers will give you the thrill of breathing underwater with real Scuba equipment and blowing your first underwater bubbles. The program takes approximately 1 to 2 hours during the day trip.

Upon completion of PADI Bubblemakers program, you’ll be rewarded with a real Scuba diving certificate.

Your parents or friends are always welcome to join you during your first Scuba diving experience.

What you will learn

During the Bubblemaker program, the children will get a briefing on the Scuba equipment and learn basic techniques to experience the underwater world. This includes safety and communications with fellow Bubblemakers and your instructor. All safety equipment will be supplied by Blue Planet Divers.

Where you will dive

The Bubblemaker dive course takes place on one of our local sites Kok Haa or Koh Bida. These places are perfect for this course! Layers and depths are ideal and safe to complete a fantastic first day diving. Our reef is spectacular and your children will surely meet one of their favorite fish, such as the well known Nemo.

The equipment you will use

Your child will use all the same basic scuba equipment that regular certified divers do. We have special masks, fins, snorkels, buoyancy compensating jackets and wetsuits sizes for children. A small size mask that fits perfectly with your child face is a big advantage, and we will give you a special 10% discount on this and every other purchase within our retail shop.


  •    Don’t need to be a good swimmer but better to be comfortable in the water.
  •    At least 8 years old.
  •   The student’s parents or guardian need to complete required PADI medical form before taking part in the program. Any pre-existing medical issues have to be acknowledged. Preferably, see a doctor before taking this course. If there are any medical issues, we will request a physician medical certificate (medical Statement)

Other Thing to Know About The Bubblemaker Program

  •  Maximum depth is 2 meters / 6 feet
  • Maximum 2 students per instructor



Late booking 4,300 THB, Two dives to 3m max, инструктор на 2 студента, Онлайн цена*, Парковые сборы НЕ включены