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Blue Planet Divers is a family orientated Dive Centre and we are the ideal choice for families as our spacious boats provide plenty of room for Divers and Snorkelers and our staff are all great with kids. We are making special daytrips deal with families! We want every member to fully enjoy our local excursions. We can offer different activities for each person and we will make sure that they spend a fantastic day with us.


Do not fancy scuba diving but love snorkelling or just chilling on our boat whilst we visit some beautiful islands? Many of the dive sites we go to are great snorkelling sites and offer some amazing photo opportunities. We provide snorkelling equipment and a guide for your safety and fun.

It is very easy to use a snorkeling set and we will brief before your snorkel dives. You will have to use a pair of fins, mask and snorkel only!

Explore our fantastic local sites Koh Haa and Koh Bida! These places have the best layers with an amazing plethora of life. They are shallow and have a huge variety of colorful reefs. We are sure you will have a perfect time with your friends or family!

Discover the underwater world!

You maybe not like scuba diving but maybe some members of your family do. We can organize activities for everyone and on the same daytrip. We will give you a special deal for all of you

The Bubblemaker experience is a safe and friendly introduction to Scuba Diving for your kids. The course takes an hour including a briefing on diving and the equipment they will be using. The Scuba diving takes place in the safety of a pool or in the sea (to a maximum depth of 2m). We are not giving more than two diver per instructor.

You will be amazed, 8 years old kids are naturals at scuba diving!

Your family, friends are definitely snorkelling but you want to give a try to diving! Then the Discover Scuba Diving Experience is for you. Join us for a day on the boat and after a small briefing you will go diving with your personal instructor for the first time. Whilst on the boat you will have the opportunity to do 2 dives and go snorkelling if you wish.

You will see how easy and amazing is diving in our sites!

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