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Coaching day


Beginners and experience certified freedivers are all welcome to train with us! We can easily organise different training tables on the same day and make sure that you meet your expected inquiries.

We discuss what your target for the day is and design a training table to achieve that target. We can do dry breathing tables during the boat ride, stretching exercises or meditate. Some freedivers like to continue training on the buoy and descent line for their second session, while others like to explore the reef for fun.

What training we can offer

We have all the materials available such as Dinghy for large groups or specific diving area, Freediving buoys and 2 training deep lines for a maximum depth of 45 Metres.

We can offer the following training:

  • Breathing and relaxation training sessions
  • Fins kicks / swimming training
  • Monofins training
  • Free immersion training
  • Constant weight with and without fins training
  • Freediving cave training (shallow cathedrals)

We are also able to offer monofins class on request!

The Scuba Gear You Will Use

If you don’t bring your own equipment or only a part of it you can use ourYou will use freediving equipment such as proper freediving fins (on instructor approval), small air space freediving mask, rubber welt belt and short wetsuit. If you decide to continue on your first AIDA certification we will highly recommend you to buy a mask that fits properly your face. To help you, we will offer you special discount on our retail products.

Everyone can try freediving, and we will adjust this one day course depending on student skills learning.
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