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Our AIDA Instructor Course (IC)

Program IC with Blue Planet Divers Apnea

*Online Price: Rate available only if activity booked at least a month before the starting date of the reserve activity

Blue Planet Divers are a Diving and freediving Centre based in Koh Lanta, Thailand. We have a large and spacious dive center and dive boats with experienced staff. We care about creating Instructors who are very employable, fun and knowledgeable. Our staff will assist you through your course and celebrate your success with you. Our IC classroom is fully air-conditioned as well as a Wi-Fi service that is, by the way, available throughout the entire Blue Planet Divers Centre.

We offer more than a simple IC!

We offer more than the minimum 7 days course, with our 10 days program. Our open water dives will be conducted during day trips to the beautiful marine parks of Phi Phi and Koh Haa. If candidates have time, we will fun-dive these beautiful reefs where encounters with black tip reef shark, leopard shark, turtles, trevallies and other amazing marine critters are quite common.

The IC will be conducted in English, so we expect our candidates to be fluent in English and to be able to discuss complex topics in that language.

An Instructor course is not the place where the candidates learn to dive, it is where they learn to teach and where they also validate performance requirements that they already mastered.

Therefore, we highly recommend training before attending the course. The requirement to enter the course are to be an Aida4 diver and to have proof of attending a CPR course within the last 24 month. For those holding an equivalent certification from another training agencies, the candidate must attend an aida4 cross over prior to taking the course. Blue planet divers has also EFR CPR courses available if necessary.

There is a gap between aida4 and Instructor course, so candidates are expected to reach easily -40m in constant weight and free immersion prior to attending the course. They shall also have trained Dynamic without fins and constant weight without fins before the IC.

Our Course Director Marc Guerin

Our Instructor trainer Marc Guerrin is a highly experienced instructor. He has been teaching Aida courses since 2007 in Indonesia, Philippines, Egypt, Mexico, and has been an active instructor Trainer certifying many instructors in the last 2 years. He teaches in English and in French.

Very well known in this world! Marc focuses on personalized training and generally works in small groups and conducts all parts of the IDC training himself. He ensures he is available at all times throughout the IC to give his candidates lots of personal and individual attention.

Become a real pro by learning from a very talented freediver!

Instructor Course Schedule

Trough the course, candidates will learn how to teach class room theory , They will simulate teaching aida2 and aida3 pool sessions, as well as open water sessions. Candidates will learn how to conduct a training session, how to teach and to assess Frenzel equalization, mouthfill, how to teach preparation and relaxation etc..

Our IC includes:

  • 5 days out on the boat to open water sites.
  • 3 pool sessions (over 2 days) 8 theory sessions.
  • Eight classroom theory presentations by the IT, and exams sessions for the students.

  • There are a number of performance requirements that candidates will need to achieve. As of 2019, the new requirements for IC will include:

    • -40m to -50m comfortable dives in both constant weight (bifins) and free immersion.
    • A “long dive” of 1mn30 to -30m in CWT, and of 2mn to -30m in FIM.
    • A demonstration of DNF of 50m and a demonstration of CNF to -20m.
    • 5 dives to -20m with a minute interval (CO2 resistance)
    • Various simulated rescue drills including rescuing a Blacked out freediver from -25m
    • performing A 4mn to 5mn static breath-hold.
    • A dynamic performance of 90m in the pool (bifins).
    • Teaching skills and giving feedback to real or simulated students, in pool and in open water environment.
    • Some simulated classroom slide presentations, and a final “special presentation”. (We will propose you a subject way before the course, so you will have time to do research on your subject).
    If you need further details please feel to contact us at Blue Planet Divers
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