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Emergency First Response (EFR)


Emergency First Response courses encompass adult, child and infant CPR and first aid skills, and incorporate Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) training and emergency oxygen use. Emergency First Response also offers comprehensive First Aid at Work courses, specifically designed to meet national and international compliance standards for CPR and first aid courses in the workplace. Emergency First Response courses are flexible in design to accommodate scheduling and training needs. They can be taught together or alone in any combination.

The Emergency First Response courses build lay rescuer confidence to provide care when faced with a medical emergency. Participants learn and practice the same patient care techniques and principles used by medical professionals, but at a lay person level.

Learn how to give first aid!

We guarantee a maximum of four students per class!
You can start your Rescue Diver Course
only after completing this essential training.

What will you learn

It is only a half day course with theory, videos and exams:

  • You will learn about: Helping Others in Need, The Emotional Aspect of Being an Emergency Responder, Keeping your Skills Fresh, Leading a Healthy Lifestyle, Protecting Yourself against Blood borne Pathogen, Recognizing Life-Threatening Problems, Using AB-CABS and the Cycle of Care and Secondary Care;

  • Videos: You will watch all the 3 sections related to your manual which will make it more convenient for you to understand actual scenes. Your instructor will also make up scenes where you will be the emergency responder to apply your skills learned during the course;

  • At the end of the course, we will give an exam to make sure you are ready to cover any emergency procedures not only for diving.

The Scuba Gear You Use

We will provide all the equipment required to complete this course such as mannequin, a first aid kit, AED, O2 kit + Tank and the important pocket mask that you can purchase in our retail shop as well.

To take this course, you must:
  • no prerequisites for this course. It is open to all!

  • Transfers (pickup and return)
  • Lunch
  • Full equipment
  • Small groups of 4 participants per class!
  • Certification and online book available
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