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The Bubblemaker experience is a safe and friendly introduction to Scuba Diving for your kids. The course takes an hour including a briefing on diving and the equipment they will be using. The Scuba diving takes place in the safety of a pool or in the sea (to a maximum depth of 2m). We are not giving more than two diver per instructor.

You will be amazed, 8 years old kids are naturals at scuba diving!

Your family, friends are definitely snorkelling but you want to give a try to diving! Then the Discover Scuba Diving Experience is for you. Join us for a day on the boat and after a small briefing you will go diving with your personal instructor for the first time. Whilst on the boat you will have the opportunity to do 2 dives and go snorkelling if you wish.

You will see how easy and amazing is diving in our sites!

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