Instructor Development Courses

Blue Planet IDC Special Deal!

Blue Planet Divers is a 5 Star Instructor Development Centre based in Koh Lanta, Thailand. We are one of the most friendly and professinal dive centre in our island. We are the only one using large powered and premium service catamarans for our daily guest. Blue planet has the opportunity to let you discover a perfect and remunarate experience with our professional team. We can offer you a real jod and earning some money before starting your IDC!

Our deal is very simple and the best option if you want to earn some money to help you with your IDC cost. We will offer you 2 to 3 months Divemaster job as a premium freelancer. Our past students have been all very glad to have choosen our ideal professional PADI dive centre for it. Our multilingual and friendly team will lead and help you to get the best of it!

If you need any further details please send an email to Ben at blueplanetdivers@gmail.com

Our Course Director

Camille Lemmens our Platinum Course Director

We are extremely lucky to have Camille Lemmens, a Platinum Course Director (CD), on our team, originally from the Netherlands; Camille is able to offer courses in English, German and Dutch and is currently improving his French too!

Camille is a highly experienced CD (he has run over 60 IDC’s and taught over 250 Instructor Candidates) who has taught in Thailand for over 11 years. In 2009, Camille was awarded the PADI Instructor Development Award in recognition for his significant contribution to the growth and development of diving. He was also awarded the title of ‘Platinum Course Director,’ for the fourth consecutive year in 2010. There are over 1,000 Course Directors Worldwide but only 49 Platinum Course Directors.

Camille focuses on personalised training and generally works in small groups and conducts all parts of the IDC training himself. He ensures he is available at all times throughout the IDC to give his candidates lots of personal and individual attention. For more information on Camille, check out his website, www.idcthailand.net or his blog www.pa-divingidc.com.

Camille and Drew Richardson, the President and Chief Operations Officer for PADI Worldwide on the right, handing over the Instructor Development Award.


Camille’s students have nothing but praise for him, so if you are thinking about doing your Instructor Development Course, why not check out why these people think you should choose Camille: http://www.idcthailand.net/testimonials.html

Instructor Examination Pass Guarantee

We highly recommend the 2 day Prep Course which will refresh your dive theory and improve your pool and rescue skill demonstrations whilst ensuring you will be ready to go into the IDC with the confidence that your knowledge and skills are at the required level to pass the IE.
Should you prove not to be successful during your PADI IE, we will invite you to join our next IDC in Thailand for free.


We are able to source, good quality, low priced accommodation for you during your IDC, contact us for more information.

Instructor Development Course Prerequisites

Before you start your IDC, you will need:

  • To be over 18 years old
  • To have been a Certified diver for at least 6 months
  • Entry Level, Advanced an Rescue Diver Certification – or similar from another recognised dive training organisation
  • PADI Divemaster Certification – or leadership-level certification with a recognised dive training organisation who has completed the PADI Divemaster course diver rescue skills assessment
  • 60 logged dives
  • Documented experience in night, deep and underwater navigation diving
  • Completed an EFR Primary and Secondary Care Course (or qualifying training) within the last 24 months

Blue Planet Divers Instructor Development Course

The Instructor Development Course consists of 2 sections:

  1. PADI Assistant Instructor (AI) Course – 4 days
  2. PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) Course – 5 days

These courses can be taken separately (for those wanting to stop at AI and complete their OWSI at a later date) or taken together over a total of 10 days (including a day’s rest).

During this course we focus on your skill and knowledge development and our dive centre provides a low-stress working environment allowing you to relax and making learning easier. Our highly experienced staff are always on hand to offer you help and assistance should you need it.

The AI Course covers the transition from Divemaster to Educator. During the program you will be trained about the PADI Standards & Procedures; including Academic Presentations and assisting conducting and the organisation of PADI courses. This course is performance based and you will need to pass practical tests, written theory and PADI Standards Exams.

The OWSI course introduces you to the full PADI system and further develops your abilities as a professional dive educator. You will practice at least:

  1. 2 Confined Water Teaching Presentations
  2. 2 Knowledge Development Presentations
  3. 2 Open Water Teaching Presentations.

You will also attend Continuing Education Workshops, i.e. Advanced Open Water and Rescue Diver courses.

Once you have successfully completed the full IDC program, you are eligible to participate in a PADI Instructor Examination (IE).  This two day evaluative program, tests your teaching ability, dive knowledge, skill level and understanding of the PADI dive system, attitude and professionalism. You are officially an Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) once you have successfully completed the IE.

Free PADI Nitrox Instructor

We now include your PADI Nitrox Instructor training for FREE when you complete an IDC with us (this does not include the required materials for becoming a PADI Nitrox Diver nor your Instructor application fees)

What is included in the IDC Package Price?

  • FREE IDC Prep Course
  • During the IDC your lunch and refreshments are included
  • Tanks, weights and boat fees
  • Transfers from your resorts (unless inaccessible by the Blue Planet Divers Car)
  • CESA (Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent) workshop in confined and Open Water
  • Descent Workshop
  • Control Workshop (in Confined and Open Water Situations)
  • Adventures in Diving and Search and Recovery (Knot tying and Lift Bag usage) on land and underwater
  • Rescue Diver Course Exercise 7 (Unconscious Diver at the Surface) with and without the pocket mask practice

Continuing your PADI Education

You can easily expand your career options by continuing your PADI education with us.

Emergency First Response + Care for Children Instructor - 8.000 baht

From March 2009, all new PADI Instructors have to be current Emergency First Response Instructors or hold another current first aid and CPR Instructor Certification.

This course develops on from the EFR course and focuses on developing the candidate’s instructional abilities. This course includes; independent study, Classroom sessions and practice teaching assignments. Of course if you are completing our IDC we include this for free!

Instructor Specialties (beach dives) - 4,000 baht
Instructor Specialties (boat dives) - 6,000 baht
PADI recreational diver specialty; 10,000.-THB
inclusive of certification and all required side mount dive gear (harness; Hollis sms 50) one confined, 3 OW dives*
PADI recreational instructor specialty; 6,000.-THB
exclusive of PADI application fee but incl of all required side mount gear harness; Hollis sms 50) one OW dive**
The package * + ** is 16,000.-THB

Upon becoming and OWSI you will want to teach divers specific types of diving. To do this you will need to be able to teach PADI specialties.  Courses such as these make you more attractive to dive centres as you will offer a wider scope of courses than just Open Water, Advanced, Rescue and Divemaster.

Nitrox Specialty Instructor (incl. 10 Nitrox dives) - 10,000 baht

This specialty is a must for most diving instructors as many dive centres now introduce this course to divers at Open Water level and offer Nitrox for free whilst diving with them.

PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider - 8,000 baht

Be safe, by being knowledgeable. As a diving instructor you will be caring for others on a daily basis, make sure you have all the tools and knowledge to treat people when they are ill or injured. This course will enable you to recognize illnesses that are treatable with Emergency Oxygen and ensure you are able to properly setup and administer emergency oxygen. 

MSDT Prep (incl. 5 Instr. Specialties and Nitrox Specialty Instructor) - 20,000 baht

The next level after OWSI is MSDT (Master Scuba Diver Training) which demonstrates that you have a larger range of courses to offer to a dive centre and shows you have successfully taught over 25 students. This Prep course provide you with the 5 specialties you will need for this rating so all you need to do is concentrate on teaching courses. This course is great fun and provides you with some excellent ideas for making your specialty courses fun and enjoyable for your students.

DSAT Gas Blender Instructor - 10,000 baht

Through this course you can instruct the DSAT Gas Blender Specialty to certified Nitrox divers. This course is divided into Knowledge Development and a Practical Application Lab. This course includes the DSAT Gas Blender course and enables the candidate to competently blend enriched air Nitrox.

Equipment Repair course - 5,200 baht

Having staff that are able to quickly and easily fix equipment problems are invaluable to dive centres. This course provides you with the skills for basic equipment maintenance, care and adjustments you will encounter every day and it will also enable you to protect and care for your own equipment.

Go Pro Packages

The Eco Package                                                                  

  1. IDC Prep Course
  2. AI Course
  3. OWSI Course

Package Duration: 14 Days (Including IE)

The Pro Silver Package - List Price 44,000 THB (Early bird discount 4,400)*

  1. IDC Prep Course
  2. AI Course
  3. OWSI Course
  4. EFRI Course

Package Duration: 16 days (including IE)

The Pro Gold Package - List Price 54,000 THB (Early bird discount 5,400)*

  1. IDC Prep Course
  2. AI Course
  3. OWSI Course
  4. EFRI Course
  5. DSAT Gas Blender Course
  6. DSAT Gas Blender Instructor Course

Package Duration:18 Days (Including IE)

The Pro Platinum Package - List Price 69,000 THB (Early bird discount 6,900)*

  1. IDC Prep Course
  2. AI Course
  3. OWSI Course
  4. EFRI Course
  5. DSAT Gas Blender Course
  6. DSAT Gas Blender Instructor Course
  7. 6 PADI Specialty Instructor Courses (Including PADI Nitrox Instructor)

Package Duration:20 Days

*Early booking bonus secured with 30% deposit 30 days in advance non refundable


Our Start up Instructor Training Pack is only 24,000 Baht (Early bird discount 2,400) and includes all the PADI training material that you will need to participate in the IDC, as well as the materials you will use to teach your first PADI course. This price includes your IDC discount which allows you to buy the materials at trade price. It includes:

  •  PADI Instructor Manual (digital or paper version)
  • Confined & Open Water Lesson Planning Slates
  • Confined & Open Water Cue Cards
  • DSD Instructor Cue Card
  • Adventures in Diving Instructor Cue Cards
  • Rescue Diver Instructor Cue Cards
  • Open Water Diver Quizzes and Exams Booklet
  • Rescue Diver Final Exams Booklet
  • Divemaster Final Exams Booklet
  • PPB Specialty Instructor Outline
  • Project Aware Specialty Instructor Outline
  • AWARE – Coral Reef Conservation Specialty Instructor Outline

You will also need the EFR materials (EFR Instructor Manual, with Primary & Secondary and Caring for Children Instructor Guide) which we can provide for 4,500 Baht (online version). 

You will also need:

  • RDP Table
  • eRDP ML
  • Open Water manual
  • Adventure in Diving Manual
  • Rescue Manual
  • Divemaster Manual
  • Divemaster Cue Cards
  • Calculator

What do I need to bring?

  • 4 Passport sized photos (easy to obtain here on the island)
  • Copies of all your Certification Cards from Open Water to Divemaster
  • Copy of the last page of your logbook showing over 100 dives
  • EFR Certification or alternative First Aid/CPR course (please check with us that it is acceptable to PADI) taken within the last 2 years (If you don’t have this we can renew this for you)
  • Medical statement confirming you are fit to dive (easy to obtain on the island).
  • Any PADI books and materials you already have
  • Your Credit Card – PADI fees cannot be paid in Cash
  • Your Dive Equipment (this can be hired during your course  or we can supply it to you, but we strongly recommend that you purchase or bring your own) this should include:
    • Regulator (with Octopus, Console with depth gauge in Metres and an SPG)
    • BCD with power inflator
    • Wetsuit
    • Mask, snorkel & fins
    • Timing device
    • Dive Knife, compass, whistle, blank slate, safety sausage
    • Dive computer

Dates and Prices for January 2017’s IDC

IDC Prep course Free! 26th-27th Jan.
IDC Assistant Instructor  18,000 baht 28th - 31st Jan.
IDC (AI & OWSI) 44,000 baht 28th Jan. - 5th Feb.
OWSI 31,200 baht 1st - 5th Feb.
EFRI (Emergency First Response & Care For Children Instructor) Included! 8th Feb.
NITROX Instructor Specialty Included! 9th Feb.
Aware Instructor Specialty Included! During IDC
Reef conservation Instructor Specialty Included! During IDC
Peak Performance Buoyancy Included! During IDC
Instructor Examination around AU$ 1,165 6th - 7th Feb.
PADI Emergency Oxygen 8,000 baht On request
Provider Instructor DAN O2 Instructor (includes Materials) 14,000 baht On request
Gas Blender Instructor 10,000 baht  On Request
Equipment Repair Course 5,200 baht   On Request
MSDT Prep (5 Specialities) – Recommend: Sidemount – Photography – Wreck - Gas Blender - Deep 25,000 baht On request 
IDC Staff 18,000 baht January