Divemaster Courses in Koh Lanta

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Blue Planet Divers, based in Koh Lanta, Thailand, is committed to running highly professional, fun and engaging Divemaster Courses. Our aim is to help you develop the knowledge, experience, skills and attributes that will make you an excellent, and employable Divemaster as well as being equipped for your instructor’s course, should you choose that path.

We only offer courses lasting a minimum of 6 weeks and highly recommend that our Divemaster trainees plan to spend at least 2-3 months with us. The course will be of much greater value to you this way, because it will give you plenty of time to complete the course while ensuring that you get ample experience as well.

Team Work

It is essential to be a great team worker when you work as a Divemaster or Instructor, as you can learn so much from other professionals this way. This is the reason why we at Blue Planet Divers make you a part of our team from the first day of your course. This allows you to watch and learn from other experienced professionals, while they carry out various roles within the Dive Shop. We also encourage you to cooperate with our other Divemaster trainees, in order to have someone to work together on completing the coursework and for sharing experiences.

Dedicated Instructor

A dedicated instructor is provided for all of our Divemaster Trainees to facilitate their course development and provide schedules and knowledge training. Our experienced instructors are entitled to this job only, as this ensures a high quality course for you. We can also offer the course/support in different languages

Our New Divemaster Training celebrating passing their Divemaster course with their Instructor, Kevin

We love our Divemaster Trainees and our team really enjoys working and teaching the Divemaster course. We take your success personally and we ensure you enjoy your course to the fullest. Then we all celebrate your graduation to Divemaster! Our Divemaster parties are legendary on the island!

Don’t forget our well know and popular final snorkel test party… Be aware of your last skills!

Blue Planet Divers Divemaster Course

We obviously include all the basic requirements set out by PADI for the Divemaster Course, covered later on, but we also give our Divemaster Trainees the opportunity to get more involved and gain more experience which we know they will find useful as a PADI professional, these can include:

  1. Equipment Care and Maintenance
  2. Boatmaster (Management of the Boat during a Diving Excursion)
  3. Assisting Rescue Courses (We like all Divemaster Trainees to do this at least once)
  4. Selling Courses and Equipment
  5. Snorkelling Guiding (A growing requirement of Divemasters around the world)
  6. Nitrox Knowledge (you can upgrade this to Nitrox Certification)
  7. Numerous Guiding and diving opportunities to increase your experience levels

All this is offered for free (apart from official PADI certifications) because we know what makes a good Divemaster and we want you to gain as much knowledge and experience whilst you are with us.
We can also offer Technical Scuba Diving Courses and Freediving Courses at special rates for Divemasters Trainee.

Internships and Partial Internships

We offer our Divemaster Trainees the opportunity to earn cash or pay for their course by assisting us at the Dive Shop. The work can vary yet is likely to include: working at one of our resort shops, working as a boatmaster, working at our main office or helping with general maintenance at the shop, but it could include anything (within reason) that is related to the Dive Shop.

We offer 4 Divemaster Full Internship positions in October and January. These last for 3 months and provide a free course in exchange of working for the Dive Centre. In a typical week, you work 4 days for us, 2 days on your course and you’ll have one day off (or diving if you wish).

We offer 4 positions for a half-internship program during the season as well. The only difference with the full internship is that you will have to pay only half of the divemaster course price, but you will get much more time for your Divemaster training instead.

To apply or to get more information, please contact us on blueplanetdivers@gmail.com.

Manta Ray at Hin Muang

Course Requirements

The following are required for you to be able to start the PADI Divemaster Course with us:

  1. PADI Open Water (or equivalent from another Dive Organisation)
  2. PADI Advanced Course (or equivalent from another Dive Organisation)
  3. PADI Rescue Course (or equivalent from another Dive Organisation)
  4. 40 Open Water Dives (logged)
  5. First Aid Qualification (in Active Status)
  6. 2 Passport photos
  7. Medical Note – Fit to dive
  8. Course fees paid

If you do not have some or all of these, we can help you get these on the island.

PADI Course Outline

The PADI Divemaster Course is split into 4 sections; those points highlighted in blue italics are extras that Blue Planet Divers offer you:

  1. Assisting Student Divers
    1. Assist with one Open Water Course
    2. Assist with one Further Education Course
    3. Assist with one Discover Scuba Dive and Scuba Review
    4. Assist on a Rescue Course – where possible
    5. Assist with other range of diving activities


  2. Working with Qualified Divers
    1. Guiding qualified Divers on a dive
    2. Mapping a Dive Site
    3. Creating an Emergency Action Plan
    4. Guiding several dives at several different locations
    5. Final experiences given with actual Blue Planet Guest


  3. Knowledge Development
    1. Complete Knowledge Reviews in Divemaster Manual
    2. Complete 2 Divermaster Exams
    3. Instructor led Classes on all exam topics
    4. Extra private classes if necessary


  4. Skills and Stamina
    1. Mask Remove and Replace Demonstration to Presentation Standard
    2. Demonstration of all the PADI basic skills to high Standard
    3. Rescue Demonstration
    4. 400m Timed Swim
    5. 800m Timed Snorkel
    6. 100m Timed Tired Dive Tow
    7. 10 min Float
    8. Equipment Exchange Underwater
    9. Log 60 Open Water Dives
    10. Deep Dive Scenario

We offer support and practice with every course section, so that even you may find some areas challenging, by the end of your course you will be able to accomplish all tasks well.

Course Fees

The standard Divemaster Course for students with over 40 dives is 45,000 Baht and includes the Divemaster Pack (Divemaster Manual, Encyclopaedia and Divemaster Candidate workbook. If you have less than 30 logged dives the course is 50,000 Baht.

In addition we do require all Divemaster Trainees to have their own equipment prior to start their course:

  • Full Diving Set (BCD, Wetsuit, Fins, Mask, Snorkel and Regulator)
  • SMB (Safety Sausage)
  • Pocket Mask
  • Diving Slate
  • Knife

We need our Divemaster Trainees to get their own gear! You will be unable to work anywhere if you don’t have your own equipment! We can provide you with good deals on retail in our show room. We have made a special area where you can try different sets and see if you look cool with your new investment.

Working after your course

All of our Divemasters, who have wanted to work after their course, have been successful in gaining work with us, or finding work through us with other dive centres, in Thailand and beyond. Currently 3 of our permanent staff (we usually have about 9-10 permanent staff a year) are former Divemaster trainees with us. We will always try to give you work after you have completed your course, but this cannot be guaranteed as this depends on guest numbers. We will happily provide references for all our Divemaster Trainees after they have completed their course either on paper, or via telephone or email.

Living in Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta National Park

Koh Lanta is a beautiful island and somewhere you will not want to leave. Around 30km long most tourist life is located in the North West of the island but there are resorts all the way down the west coast. Our beaches are stunning and living on the island is relatively cheap. We can help you with organising accommodation but expect to pay around 10,000 baht per month for an air conditioned bungalow or less if it just has a fan. This should include all your electricity and water but please check before signing the contract! We know of plenty of accommodation on the island, so talk to us before committing to any long term accommodation. We usually recommend that you plan to stay somewhere for 3-4 days when you arrive, so that you have plenty of time to thoroughly check out your options.

Local Fishermen on a traditional Longtail   Local Elephant

We also recommend that you rent/purchase a motorbike (or pedal bike if you are fit!) this is essential if you want to get around the island and to work on time! It is also the cheapest method of travel on the island. Motorbikes start at around 2,000 baht per month to rent a manual but expect to pay up to 3,000 per month for an automatic. If you plan to stay the whole season (6 months) it can pay to buy a bike and then sell it at the end (Motobikes start around 10,000 baht (second hand). Be careful though! Motorbikes can be dangerous and we recommend that you wear a helmet and drive slowly.
Eating out here is really cheap and you will find that you will do this most nights. You can order a good Thai meal for 60 baht but Western food will start around about 150 baht. Beer is quite cheap (about 60-70 baht for Thai beers) but shorts, shots and wine are expensive! But remember, we provide breakfast, snacks and lunch on the boat if you are diving.

Want to teach?

Our Divemaster course is designed to fully prepare you for the Instructor’s course; our Divemaster trainees often comment that they found the Instructor’s course relatively easy as they had focused on the dive theory and skill development in their Divemaster course giving them extra time, compared to other candidates, to focus on the new learning.

Our Course Director offers 3 Instructor Development Courses (IDCs) per year in Koh Lanta (September, November and March), but can also accommodate you elsewhere in Thailand throughout the year.

Martial Warnier De Wailly is the highest rated Course Director in France, with a Platinum rating and over 80 IDCs, 400 more Students under his belt and just received a “Market Leader Professional Training” by PADI. He has received more awards than any other qualified Course Director.

Language an issue?

All our courses, includes our Divemaster program, are available in many languages. We are a multinational dive centre that can teach in English, French, Russian, Chinese, German, Spanish, Italian, Thai, Dutch and many other languages. We are providing all the best range to make sure every student gets an optimum course.


In order to stay for a long term on the island, you’ll need to arrange your Visa outside of Thailand. We really encourage you to apply for a 2+2 Visa which will allow you to stay here for 6 months (2 months upon arrival, extendable of 1 month in Krabi immigration, then another 2 months after a visa run with 1 month extendable again). Applying for visas before you come will save you a lot of time, money and energy. It is simple to apply for this kind of Visa from your country. Most of Thai Embassies deliver visas within a few days.

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